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15 Genius Hacks to Make Birthday Parties Easier

Before you go out and buy a bunch of food (or make a bunch of food), make sure you have allergy and food preferences for the kids. This shouldn’t be too hard, and it will save you a lot of time and money. You’ll know whether you need a gluten-free dessert, or if the kids can all pig out on sugary treats!

If you didn’t have time to make a whole cake, no worries. Instead, buy a cake from the store and decorate it yourself. You can still add the personal touch your child wants but without all the hassle and stress of making the whole cake.

Save yourself a buttload of trouble and just use printables from the internet for invitations. Whether it’s cowboy, princess, or superhero themed, you can definitely find some free ones online to use. Print them, add anything you feel necessary, and you’re done. So much easier than making your own invitations (and usually cheaper than buying them).

Here’s a lesson all you parents will learn if you haven’t already: use disposable silverware. If you use your actual silverware, you run the risk of losing it, getting it damaged, or having to clean it all after an exhausting party. Just use disposable stuff and throw it away/recycle it when you’re done.

Somewhat along those same lines is to use plastic tablecloths. But for everything. That means for eating, for craft making, for just sitting. Kids are messy, and kids with cake and ice cream are even messier. You’ll be surprised what they can stain if they have the chance. So use plastic tablecloths and save yourself some massive clean up time.

Speaking of crafts, do your best to confine them to one area if you’ve decided to have them at the party. If you let the kids do crafts wherever, you will have glue, glitter, and pipe cleaners all over your house for the rest of eternity. Designate one area and really make sure it stays in there.

One of my least favorite things about birthday parties is serving the ice cream. That’s probably because I always forget to pull it out earlier so it has time to thaw, but still. A great idea is to scoop the ice cream the night before, putting each scoop in a muffin tin holder. Then, when dessert time comes, just pull out the tin and plop the scoop onto the plate!

Here’s a super easy way to serve healthy watermelon at your party! Instead of cutting it in the classic wedges (normal but messy and ineffective), do this. Make watermelon rectangles. That way, the kids can easily pluck them out and eat them without making a mess.

If you just haven’t had time to put together a stellar birthday for your kid, don’t worry because we’ve all been there. Also, there are tons of places that will give your kid free things on their birthday. For example, lots of ice cream shops will give them a free or reduced scoop, Cinnabon gives out birthday treats, and many restaurants have little treats as well. So go get those for your kid and watch them have a blast.

I love this idea because it’s fun, cheap, easy, and fast. Hang a plastic tablecloth or tarp from the ceiling and fill it with balloons. When the time comes to sing happy birthday (or whatever other event is central to the party), rip open the plastic tablecloth and let the balloons rain down. Your kid will feel like the luckiest person in the world!

A trick I learned a while ago that I love is to cut the cake with a piece of unscented floss. It’s usually easier and straighter than using a knife, plus it’s pretty fun. Also, it’s one less utensil that you have to clean after a long party, and I’m all for that.

I saw this idea a while ago and just had to try it. And we did, and we loved it! Instead of cooking traditional brownies, make the mix and then make brownies in the waffle maker. They look great, are fun to eat, and the kids will love them for sure. Have a bunch of toppings that the guests can use on their brownie waffles.

Limit the number of balloons you decide to blow for the party. I know they’re a party staple, but I promise that the party will still be great without them. You can blow some up, but you have better things to do than stress out about blowing up balloons all day.

If you just HAVE to have a bunch of balloons, try this. In a bottle filled with vinegar, add baking soda to it. Put the lip of the balloon over the opening to the bottle right away, and the chemical reaction should blow the balloon up for you. This should save you a lot of breath and get the balloons you want.

Oh my gosh, I saw my friend do this a while ago and I thought it was just genius! One of the parts I most dread about parties is the party favors. However, my friend just got stuffed animals for all the kids to take. Cheap, cute, and so easy! This is definitely a great idea!

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